What is your dress game?
This dress is very forgiving in hiding  mid section with it’s strategic ruching and wrap around style.


What is your Dress Strategy?

Outline  your dress strategy. Brilliant tailoring and rich fabrics can help you pull off a dress like nobody’s business. If there are any curves, that you’d prefer to hide, wear solid dark colors (black, navy, dark purple) over them.
Wear bright colors or patterns on your hot spots to draw attention away from your trouble spots!

Start with the fundamentals:

Color-Block Strategically – Use dark shade where you want coverage. Color blocking on this dress creates  slimmer look.
Printed Dress

Choose prints that flatter – Patterns highlight the areas where they’re placed. But many of today’s digital prints also offer helpful illusions.


Create balance:  what do you want to highlight?  waist? bust? hips? Based on your body type hide hips or highlight waist.

My Outfit: Dress: Ralph Lauren // Tights: Ann Taylor // Scarf: From India // Boots: Clarks USA // Clutch: Ann Taylor