I am committed to inspiring and improving the way women think and feel about themselves inside and out. My mission is to connect East and West fashion, beauty concepts and designs worldwide.

Hi everyone! Iím Harpreet Maan. I come from a very creative family. I find inspiration in art, nature, culture, food, people, and music. And for me, fashion is a compilation of all these forms of expression. I studied art and advertising in school, and decided to pursue a career in web design as a way of combining my interests in technology and art. This combination also led me to create my fashion blog, Hmaan. Fashion has been more than a journey in my life. When I moved to Arizona from India, a land of color and diversity, I couldn’t understand how a “little black dress” could be a fashion statement. Oh how much I have learned! As far as fashion rules go, I don’t follow any. Whatever makes sense and appeals to my eye is a trend at the moment. Iím forever thankful to my friends, who I consider my family, for all of their support and love, and especially to my son, who is my biggest fan. I feel truly blessed in life. Thank you so much for reading!