It was near 8:30am on a Tuesday, or maybe a Wednesday, and I was heading to the elevators at work after my morning Rio Café run. This young, attractive woman was also waiting for the elevators. She seemed like a professional and fashion-savvy kind of girl. Once we all got into the elevator I asked her if she ever did any modeling. In the brief 30 seconds or so ride to the 4th floor we exchanged our names, I learned that she worked on the 4th floor at the radio station, and I asked if she would look into my fashion blog and get back to me about a possible photo shoot.

Her story in her own words…

I work for the Division of Public Service at the NPR member station at Rio Salado College. Meeting Harpreet was a huge moment of chance. Our very short conversation was the beginning of a road to becoming a Model for a Day. A mutual friend and co-worker on my floor was able to direct me to Harpreet’s blog. Honestly, I was so taken aback by her proposal for a photo shoot…
In my radio life I’m a Producer/Host for KJZZ.


When I’m not playing radio, I’m a natural hair vlogger. I have had a YouTube channel for about a year now and I have been documenting my hair journey from relaxed to natural hair. I’m hoping to be an inspiration to other women who are transitioning or are “newly natural” like me. I’m on a whole new journey learning about my kinks and curls and coils.
My favorite thing in all this is the support I get from my husband. I use to just watch other women on YouTube and learn from them. My husband suggested I just make my own channel. And so I have! It’s a great way to explore the online natural hair community and learn about my “roots.”
My mom use to tell me that she was going to name me Ko’lana Shatori but that my dad preferred Tiara. So I decided to give that name to my hair per se. Ko’lana Kurls is the name of my channel. I enjoy shopping sales and thrifting as well as repurposing things I already have to make something new. Working with Harpreet definitely feeds into that desire and curiosity I have with fashion and makeup.


The day of the shoot I arrived at Harpreet’s just before 5am. I had my hair done already (sadly I didn’t think to record this session) but it looked pretty fabulous. Then I showed Harpreet my selection of clothes that I brought with me. She gave me some creative advice and pointers and we settled on two looks. So after a delicious cup of her homemade tea (must get that recipe!)
she started on my makeup. Now, she gave me homework before this shoot which was very eye opening for me. I had to procure a sample of a good foundation and concealer which meant I had to go to Sephora…and talk to a makeup specialist. Needless to say, I am now a HUGE fan of concealer, primer, and makeup setting spray! Harpreet is very good at what she does and she really did make me look like model. Her whole family is very creative so I felt right at home — and inspired! I had a little trouble posing like a model but the more I just acted like myself, the easier it got. It was such an honor to be made-up and photographed by such a creatively inclined couple. It was a great experience.
I kind of wish Harpreet would do my makeup and help me pick out my outfits every day!
Outfit #1:
Boots – Papaya // Leopard Skirt – Forever 21 // Top – American Eagle // Jacket – JCPenney // Bracelet and earrings – Charlotte Russe // Clutch – COACH
Outfit #2:
Skirt – Papaya // Camisole – Aeropostale // Knit top – JCPenney // Boots – Buffalo Exchange // Handbag - COACH
Makeup By: Harpreet Maan
Photography By: Sukhpal Singh