Statement Necklace from JCREW

Statement Necklace from JCREW


Statement Necklace from JCREW

COACH Handbag

I ordered  a statement necklace from J.Crew online  and was wondering how can I put together an outfit with this Necklace. I did not want to look like that I am going to Oscars, so the trick was layering a necklace over a shirt.

As you can see by Blog tag line is “All About Hue” and yellow being my favorite color, you will see this hue lot more and THE BRIGHTS  are totally this season’s outfit accents.

The twisted bun which took me no more than 5 minutes to twist it around and the key is my new “SPIN PINS” and these pins take place for 20 bobby pins. My hair is really thick course and heavy and nothing stays well put together more than an hour. I used only five items to do my bun:

  • Flip your under and gather into a high pony tail, securing with an elastic.
  • Twist your hair around and create a bun.
  • secure bun with spin pins,  I used only two spin pins.
  • Last but not least I used a fancy pin bought from NORDSTROM  as an accessory for my bun.
  • Aveda hair spray in “Control Force”

Style Tip
If you have thick heavy and course hair type, I will suggest  replacing bobby pins with “SPIN PINS“. You can find these in CVS and Walgreens easily. Some cool websites showing you how to do top buns.

Quick Tip for Easy Messy Buns

Ballerina Bun



  • Skirt: J.CREW
  • NeckLace: J.CREW
  • Sunglasses: Kadespade
  • Handbag: COACH
  • Shoes : Clarks

Harpreet Maan