Royal Blue color theme…
As you some of you know how passionate we are about throwing parties and have a certain theme to inject enthusiasm. This saree was custom made to fit my need of having a hint royal blue color. I already had this saree fabric, so I called my friend Pink By SS (fashion designer in New Delhi) to start with this fabric to cut down some cost. I had shown her some pictures and she was able to understand my vision right and I have this beautiful custom made saree for this party. The host of this party put a lot of thought in organizing games and fun activities for all age groups. There was a catwalk for all girls to show off their traditional dresses.
It was so convenient to wear this saree, it was already stitched two piece saree. I just wrapped around and was ready to rock it.
Ivory Saree
Ivory Saree

another great saree…

Ivory Saree
Ivory Saree
My Outfit: Ivory Saree