Makeover - Rama Nishtala

Rama Nishtala

I am featuring Rama Nishtala for my “Model for day series”. She has always encouraged me with my passion for blogging by following me from the start of my blog.
In her own words on this makeover and photoshoot…
Everyone loves a makeover show!  I certainly do – whether it’s an HGTV show of how to redecorate rooms or What Not to Wear, I am a sucker for anything related to dressing up and accessorizing to bring out the best in you. I think the reason is, these shows inspire me to be creative, think differently, and be open to new ideas.  We are all beautiful in our own ways —however, some among us are masterful in highlighting their best features and others (like me) need the “Harpreet-touch” to realize our potential!
My name is Rama —I am a wife, a mom and work full time —a role most of you may be familiar with.  I work from home, so I have completely forgotten the art of “getting-ready” and “beautifying” myself.  My staple regimen for my face is a basic moisturizer and an eye-pencil and my work outfits are “comfy” clothes.

Here are some takeaways from this experience: 
If you are just starting out on “Make-up 101” you need to find yourself a  “Harpreet”  —someone who is knowledgeable, passionate and  is willing to listen to you and advise you on the correct set of products to start with.
Makeover - Rama Nishtala
A couple weeks ago,I attended a wedding in Scottsdale.  I had a lovely outfit and beautiful (aka uncomfortable) shoes but as I was getting ready, I wished that I knew a little more about make-up so I could get that “wow” look for myself.  I always wanted to attend a “make-up and hair 101 session” but never really made the time for it.  That day, I decided that it was time to reach out to my friend Harpreet and get started on my “make-over education”!  Harpreet and I have been friends for some time; every time we meet at parties, she is fun to hang out with.  She is lively, unpretentious and easy to talk to—most of all, I admire her sense of fashion. She has the perfect look for every occasion—whether it was a skirt, skinny jeans or salwar—she always rocks it.
She has a passion for shopping and dressing and I was so happy when she started her blog at  I read her blog posts regularly and have found her tips very useful.  When I called her for a consultation session, she suggested the photo shoot.  Needless to say, I was super excited—I had hoped that someday I would be featured as “Model for the Day” on her blog and here was my chance.   Working with Harpreet was so much fun.  She gave me a ton of product recommendations and listened to my questionsbefore and during the shoot and continues to be available to me even after the shoot.  She is genuinely interested in helping me and I trust her advice.
While I know that I may not get the same results when I do my make-up (atleast initially), I feel that with practice,I can get to a point where I feel confident and not conscious.
I am excited to use the different products Harpreet and I picked out and experiment with some different looks. See a complete list of products she used on me.
Some of us have to battle with dark circles under our eyes—however, I realized that defining your brows and highlighting cheeks can bring definition and give you a dramatic look.
Another tip is to mix and match your outfits to bring variety and make more fun outfits.  The saree featured in the shoot actually came with a white blouse and I would never dream of wearing it with a maroon blouse until Harpreet suggested it.
And this dress —-well, it was a combination of 3 dresses—we picked the Kurta from one dress, Salwar from another and the Duppatta from a third and viola—we had a dress that was grand enough for a wedding!!!!  All of us have pieces that can be used interchangeably—just need to use our imagination.
 And the dress ----well, it was a combination of 3 dresses---we picked the Kurta from one dress, Salwar from another and the Duppatta from a third and viola---we had a dress that was grand enough for a wedding!!!!  All of us have pieces that can be used interchangeably---just need to use our imagination.

My heart felt thanks to “Harpreet—Sukhpal” team for making me feel like a model for the day.  Thank you Sukhpal for taking some of my favorite photos to date.  I had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot and hope that other blog readers can relate with my experience and reach out to Harpreet fortheir own“model experience”!

Rama’s Makeup:

All products I have used for this makeover. You can also see a complete tutorial on application tips here.
1.Bobbi Brown: Extra repair balm spf25, Extra repair eye cream
Fresh: Sugar lip polish
face base
1. Bobbi Brown corrector in Dark Peach Shade, Concealer: Honey, Retouching powder: Peach 4, Brows: Mahogony
2. Makeup for Ever: N153, or you can use MAC 40 or 42
1. Bobbi Brown Blush: Calypso Coral
2. Houglass: Ambient powder
3. MAC: Eye shadow base: Indianwood
4. Buxom: Lip Cream: Mudslide
5. Inglot: Slim Shine: 42
6. Bobbi Brown: Eye Pencil
7. Mascara: Dior Show

If you are looking for better budget options this site has a dupe list.

Photo Credits: Sukhpal Singh