Pooja Mehta - Makeup Artist
Featuring Pooja Mehta, a science major who followed her dream. She is a makeup artist who understands South Asian skin tone and have a sense of colors best suited for us. Many of  my friends have shared  this experience of  trying makeup counters and it turned out to be a major disaster. I had great opportunity to have  a makeup shoot with Pooja  and to be able to model for her and it was a great learning experience. Pooja Mehta is a well established hair and makeup artist with a long history of providing a concierge quality experience for her clientele.
In addition to working for large cosmetic companies, she feels honored to be involved in educating a new generation of student artists in her makeup academy. Pooja’s most noteworthy experience has been in Paris, France, where she studied the latest trends in makeup, hair styling and eyelash extensions at the world renowned J.P Fleurimon Institute.  She  has expertise in makeup artistry with Bridal, TV, Cinema, Photoshoots, Runway, Body painting, and Special effects.  She has been very fortunate to have studied under the mentorship of high profile artist and stylists in the cutting edge fashion industry. Above all, Pooja brings her own unique perspective to this exciting and solid foundation that she has acquired with major industries such as MAC and Fleurimon.
Pooja’s main philosophy when working on clients is creating a flawless face. We shared how important is to keep skin hydrated especially before big events. Don’t drink alcohol, take lot of rest and eat healthy. Alone makeup can’t do wonders. We started first with curling my hair and kept hair pins until were done with makeup.

1. She started with face primer from Rimmel Fix and Perfect 001. Armani Lift Foundation #9  and Clé de Peau Concealer shade Honey.

Pooja Mehta - Makeup Artist

2. Eye base: Paint Pot from Mac Bamboon, then she primarily used NYX eye pencil Brown and Black blending to create gradation. Individual false eyelashes from Dollar store was the best part of eye makeup, this was my first time trying and they totally look natural!!!

Pooja Mehta - Makeup Artist

3. She added countering on my face and finally opened my curls, great job done on my curls.

Love False eyelashes!!!
Pooja Mehta - Makeup Artist
Finally best lip liner shade for most medium or south east Asian girls. It is from MAC Half Red. She used this as lipstick and applied just a basic nude lip gloss to add shine.
I am completely transformed. Pooja’s painting is ready. She sprayed Urban Decay makeup setting spray for longer lasting makeup.
Pooja Mehta - Makeup Artist
I am listing all products in the order of application. I would highly suggest Pooja Mehta for your special upcoming event.
Pooja’s Website
Pooja Mehta - Makeup Artist

  1. Rimmel Fix & Perfect – 001
  2. Armani Designer Lift – #9
  3. Cle de Peau – Honey
  4. Ben Nye Powder – Banana
  5. MAC Mineralize Powder – NC 50
  6. MAC Blush – Warm Soul
  7. False Eye Lashes – Great Tutorial from Lisa Eldridge.
  8. DUO – Dark Tone
  9. Urban Decay Makeup Setting spary.