SONIA SINGH is one of the few designers in Delhi whose designs reflect contemporary India.

I am featuring a very close friend who is a “Houghty” and little bossy by looks but  a very grounded and cheerful soul. She is known for her color storytelling and glamorized intricate craftsmanship. From her inherent fascination for movies, glamour and color to creating a niche for herself as a  successful fashion designer in Delhi. Her fresh off-centered and front sense fashion is the main reason she keeps her clients loyal to her including me!
Growing up she never saw herself as a fashion diva and making a career out of it. It was her Dad who realized her true potential, encouraged and guided her along the way to be a successful business women that she is now! She runs her business under the brand name “PINK by SS“.  She is her own BOSS now 🙂 and wow it reflects in her personality.
Pink By Sonia Singh
Outfits designed by Sonia for HMAAN

I have been a spoiled by Sonia…she  always came to my rescue for any outfits I need last minute. I don’t have to wait to go to India to buy outfits. I usually share my vision with her and she creates that outfit. I am sharing some of my favorite outfits designed by Sonia.

Ivory Saree

I have a great story on this Ivory saree as it was a last minute request so she had to ship this saree at the venue in Canada.

Saree Crop Top
This is Fish Kali saree she designed for me like 10 years ago  and it is still a classic piece for me, See Complete post.
Festival Season

Anarkali suit with a very contemporary look and a great color.See Complete Post
Desi Fashion
See Complete Post