Phoenix Fashion Week 2014

Phoenix Fashion Week 2014

My mission is to connect East and West fashion, beauty concepts and designs worldwide. I really lived my mission on red carpet at Phoenix Fashion Week 2014. I wore a very modern avatar of saree and with bebe Crop top. I wanted to rock Indian outfit lehenga or saree but always thought it will be too ethnic but this time at Fashion week, I saw designers are globally influenced. I met with Saba from Adoire and Swati from ATIZ  designers launching their fashion lines. Also loved accessories from Olga M. Designs.

Phoenix Fashion 2014

Olga M. Designs

Olga is featuring creative and unique designs adorned with wildly beautiful peacock and exotic pheasant feathers in various fashionably wearable objects, which are also bejeweled with breathtaking swarovski and semi-precious crystals.
Having been born into artistic Russian family, designing and creating beautiful and unique objects of art comes naturally to Olga.
In the early 2000’s, she spent her time living on a country farm, raising peacocks and exotic pheasants.  Annually, all the birds naturally molt their feathers after the breeding season, to make room for the new array of  plumage to grace their mates for the upcoming year.


The style of Àtiz produces many combinations: Eastern and Western, traditional and new, day and night. Each piece in designer Swati Padmaraj’s collection overflows with a wealth of inspiration and meaning as each idea interacts with the other. As East comes to meet West, beautiful Indian textiles are overlaid upon classic Western silhouettes. As tradition comes to meet innovation, bold, detailed designs are set against sharp lines and chic finishing. As day comes to meet night, elegant day wear naturally transforms into modern night ensembles.
Phoenix Fashion Week 2014

Phoenix Fashion 2014
Cynarah Ellawala – Marketing Manager  from ATIZ was rocking Jumpsuit designed by Swati!!!

My Outfit:

My Saree was custom made by Sonia Singh. I have paired this saree with another bebe crop top.