With spring in full-swing and the weather warming up, I’ve officially packed away my winter wardrobe and replaced it with sandals, short sleeves and dresses. However, in spring and summer, my legs and arms are exposed daily, which means it’s essential to have a glow. Being an olive skin, never thought of having that warm glow on my skin especially on my legs and neck area, but Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer everyday…lotion was introduced by makeup artist at ULTA  for  natural-looking color.  I’ve used a week before posting these pictures. If your skin is needing that warmth, pick up a bottle of Jergens (I get mine at ULTA) you’ll start to see results in a matter of days!
I also did couple of other things to get that smooth look; exfoliate my legs with  Bath and Body works sugar scrub; applied Rose oil for shine.

Application Tips:

Right after you shower, apply lotion. I let it dry while I do my makeup and hair. Go easy on your knees and ankles. I start at my calfs and work my way up to my knees then down to my ankles. Rub it in evenly, covering all areas you are applying the moisturizer. Wash your hands after application.

I would share with you my quick tips on achieving that perfect bronze look.

  • Wear White– The  color white usually contrasts with any skin color (no matter how light or how dark), so it will instantly make you look darker.
  • Eat Carrots– This may sound ridiculous, but you can eat your way to a natural tan (over time)! Eating carrots on a regular basis is not only incredible for your health, but also for the skin. If consumed on a regular basis, overtime the skin can adapt a more healthy looking hue.
  • Drink lots of water, we need to stay hydrated in AZ any way and it is good for our skin too.
  • Add some extra squats and lunges to your workout routine to have that toned look. It does take lot of consistency and time to see results. I have been working with my trainer at gym to have that toned look on my quads.

Anyways I hope that these tips have helped you guys out on achieving that perfect sun kissed look for this spring/summer! It’s all about that Natural Glow!




My Outfit

Top: LOFT // Shorts: GAP // Sunglasses: PARADA // Silver Bracelets: India // Sandal: NOAT