Meet Nada Syed

“The girl with an edge and a fire in her words” That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I met Nada. Then you get to know all the different shades of her. She is spiritual, crazy, unconventional an eccentric soul and she believes in living life on her own terms. She can be a conservative or a liberal. A feminist at heart, she has a passion for equality for all. Born and Raised in Middle East, her heritage is both Pakistani and Indian. She spent her life assimilating to all of the diverse and rich cultures around her to create a flavorful fusion.  She considers herself to be a “student of the world. Believes in living life to the fullest and learning everything that is textbook and not!”  Balancing the act of life, she works full time, is also a radio jockey as Zoya and a mother of two.. “‘All the clichés aside my kids are the best thing that ever happened to me and it has everything to do with the souls they are.. I am inspired by them every single day ”.  Her aim is to raise socially and culturally aware beings, lovers of life with the deep rooted belief that we all come from a place of love. (“Inshallah” she adds)


Ajrak ???? aka Scarf

The Chaddar/Scarf is not just a scarf, It is a form of an ancient art and is a centuries-old cultural heritage of Sindh. Believe it or not, this beautiful fabric called “Ajrak” dates back to 27 BCE. The usage of Ajrak is evident at all levels of society, and is held in high esteem, with the utmost respect given to it and that’s what I love the most. Traditionally, ajraks are often presented as gifts of hospitality to guests and presented to the person who is utterly respectable. The dyeing/printing process of Ajrak is long and intricate and exists in Sindh before the age of chemical dyes. The blues and reds of Ajrak came from indigo and madder plants.
Standing on the railway tracks, here I am in the year 2014 in AZ  rocking my Banana Republic pumps wrapped in medieval form of art from East.
Don’t be afraid of color: Bright red lips (the usual wine makes me look like a newly formed zombie)
Nada Zoya Syed
 Pateince:  Try on that pair of jeans.. I tried pulling on 6 pairs before I found that perfect fit!
Nada Zoya Syed
I am not against hijab I actually love the idea of a chaddar, It’s as empowering and liberating as my leopard print pumps. What I am against is limiting one’s faith to a head covering… We get so busy trying to find God sometimes that we forget sometimes Almighty finds us…
Nada Joya Syed
Model for a day...

Meeting Harpreet

Everyone needs a “Harpreet” in their lives! I have a closet full of clothes and hours full of “I have nothing to wear” meltdowns. I am extremely critical of my body… This woman took me from “DOES MY BUTT LOOK BIG IN THESE JEANS”  to “Gosh darn it! My ASS looks delicious in these jeans!!!”. With a simple addition of a belt and tucking in my blouse, she made me realize I actually have a “waist”.  It goes beyond clothing though.. The thought of  other people using face as a canvas for their make up brushes usually makes me cringe.

But there is something very unique about Harpreet’s paint brush skills. It is very  individualized and modified  to fit  my face. I was so pleased to see the girl with bright eyes and red lips that still looked like me.

  1. Dark Circles:   I am so attached to my dark circles.. Ain’t no nothing wrong with that ..However, It is great to feel fortunate about our heritage but I don’t need to wear it under my eyes all the time!
  2. Shopping experience: From the personalized deals on her phone to walking into store where everyone knew her name. This woman shops like a woman on a mission…  It was like my very own “Bond” movie but about fashion!
  3. Letting go: Letting go of all the beliefs and ideas about my body. Stepping out of the comfort zone and trying on new things without judgment was probably the most enlightening and fun part of it.

Anyone can pick out a wardrobe but to put an outfit together that elongates your legs and enhances your forgotten waist is an art and this woman is a genius artist.  She believes in the power of transformation and the confidence that comes from it! Us women don’t always want to present ourselves how we look like in our head.. trust me a lot goes on up there. And that’s when the instant transformation of having the right look put together becomes important. Knowing that you look good even when shit is falling apart is pretty liberating! You rock woman!


Outfit 1 :  Skirt: Banana Republic // Shoes: // Top: Express // Shawl: From India
Outfit 2:  Jeans: Express // Top: Banana Republic // Animal Print Belt & Shoes: Banana Republic // Scarf: AKA Chaddar from Sindh Pakistan
Outfit: 3  Salwar Kameez from Pakistan