Maribeth All

Model for a Day…

I see women every day. At work, at the grocery story, at my son’s school, in line at the movies. The more places I go, the more I am fascinated by studying the women I see. I study their faces, their hair styles, their looks and how they present themselves. In my mind, I do a virtual makeover. I picture a new eyeshadow color and a different hairstyle. Maybe a few new accessories or a different shirt. I wonder what the person would look like with a makeover. It’s not because their current look isn’t working. It’s because I can’t help myself! Maybe I am a repressed stylist/makeup artist/hairdresser. Maybe I just enjoy the thought of helping women look good and feel good about themselves.

To help satisfy this need, I am starting a new feature. Each month I will be highlighting a Phoenix woman in my “Model for a Day” makeover. I want to highlight regular women, who have to balance life, kids and work. I want to help women enhance their natural beauty, and make them feel special, even if for just one day.

First up is my coworker Maribeth All. Maribeth relishes the many roles she plays each day, and still finds the time to look good. She wanted to update her makeup routine, so I showed her how to achieve a modern yet natural look. After a little hair primping, we took to the streets of Chandler for our photo shoot. Meet Maribeth below.

I started with adding volume to her hair with MOP root hair spray.

Maribeth All

My name is Maribeth All; I’m an Outreach Manager for Rio Salado College’s Marketing Department. I’m just like most of you, an ordinary working mom that seems to live her life on fast forward. There are lots of different roles most women play each day; wife, mother, daughter, employee, boss, cook, house keeper, home decorator, scoffer, the list could go on…no wonder I’m tired! I tend to take care of everybody’s needs first and I forget about myself. And then one day I looked in the mirror and the reflection isn’t what I remembered. There’s a middle age women looking back at me in the mirror and she kind of resembles what I thought I looked like. In order to fix that problem it would take thousands of dollars to have some plastic surgery, which I don’t have. Then Harpreet and Yousin saved me from this negative attitude; it just took one morning, a makeover and a photo shoot.

Keeping your eyebrows groomed enhances your basic eye makeup and look very clean.
I extended her eye shadow like a winged eyeliner to give an illusion of bigger eyes. I also used a white eyeliner in the waterline to open up the eyes.

I added lot of contouring on her cheeks and nose to add definition to her cheekbones and nose. This is my favorite feature enhancing trick accentuate cheekbones with  contouring and highlight.


Harpreet taught me that you don’t need thousands of dollars to look good, you just need to eat healthy, have the right makeup, accessories and walk with confidence. You can find right products to hide and conceal imperfections.



Yousin our photographer is amazing and had me laughing the whole morning. I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.