Starting our “Model for a day” photo shoot at 5 am.

Sushma Sadananda

Sushma is one of the very few people who I have met is comfortable in her own skin.  Bold and beautiful is the only way I can describe her….Confident, energetic, warm and sweet.  I have known her for a few years now.  I love the fact that she is not afraid to try new things and experiment.  I always thought she looks beautiful but, wanted to try something a little different than what she usually does.  When she mentioned a new look, I jumped in at that opportunity.
Model for a day

Sushma is ready to take on the world with her confidence. I really experimented with a white eyeliner on her eyes to make her eyes look more opened. I used a 1″ curling iron to add curls and a soft smokey eye colors. I used Urban Decay “Naked 2 ” Palette. I have been trying to create this natural look without adding too much color to share that you can look younger and fresh.
Model for a day
Model for a day
Model for a day

I added bright colors on top of  her makeup we already had to compliment her traditional outfit.

Model for a day

I fill in many shoes every day.  Full time Mom, Wife, Project Manager, Blogger and a Radio host.  While being all those, I have very less time to make myself look presentable every day.  Quick and Easy is my mantra.  I love dressing up when we go out to social events.  Who doesn’t like to look pretty?  I am always looking for new ways to look fresh and different but at the same time not overly dramatic. I turned to Seema for a fresh look.  I have seen Seema grow as a fashionista over past few years and I love her work.  Seema is an amazing artist, mom and blogger.  I love that she takes time to make people not only look but FEEL beautiful.
Last weekend, was a special day where I spent hours with Seema who turned a blank canvas into a beautiful painting.  I made yet another amazing friend Yousin who tirelessly and patiently waited with us and clicked these beautiful pictures.  Seema kept in mind all my likes (I love bold colors) while transforming me.  She was explaining at every step why she was doing what she was doing (like using a white eye liner…was a shocker for me at first 🙂 ).  It was an amazing experience.  I truly do FEEL beautiful 🙂
Thank you Seema and Yousin!!
-Sushma Sadananda

Check out her blog “recipes4mydaughter”for quick and easy fusion Indian recipes.
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