Festival of Colors

Happy Holi!!!

I was lucky to be in India  to celebrate Holi with family and friends!!! In India, Holi announces the arrival of spring and the passing of winter. Every nook and corner presents a colorful sight. Young and old are covered with colors. People in small groups are seen singing, dancing and throwing colors on each other.
I am wearing a white Chickenkari shirt from Fab India. Chickenkari is the fine intricate embroidery traditionally done using white untwisted yarn on white muslin fabric. White cotton shirts are preferred to be worn on Holi.
My sister Avleen Maan who is a great sport…despite being hit by an egg as we stepped out of the house…she didn’t cared and we started our celebrations. Holi frolic and celebrations begin the morning after Holika bonfire. There is no tradition of holding puja (prayer), and the day is for partying and pure enjoyment. Children and youth groups form armed with dry colors, colored solution, means to fill and spray others with colored solution (pichkaris aka water guns), balloons that can hold colored water, and other creative means(eggs)  to color their targets.
My niece Jasmine friends showed up and played Holi and made rounds in the neighborhood to play Holi.
Indian hospitality is legendary. The maxim of hospitality in India has crossed generations and is not only learned but truly believed by each individual. The Sanskrit saying, “Atithi Devo Bhava,” or “the guest is truly your god,” dictates the respect granted to guests in India and is truly shown by this family!!! We were passing by this lovely family and asked if we could click some pictures and they were so welcoming and warm. They shared home made sweets with us and let us click pictures. I love this picture of this cute couple sharing a moment…

I’ll never forget this Holi as I got to spent lot of time with my sister and brother after long time. I always miss my family and friends in India on festivals like Holi and Diwaali.