Mother's Day

Mother-Daughter Dressing

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, perhaps it’s time to stop and consider all the things you’ve inherited from your mom—whether it’s a fashion, beauty or a distinctive laugh.
Mother's Day
Mother's Day
Mother's Day

Sunny Davis

Sunny is a graphic designer graduating this month from the Herberger College of Design and the Arts at Arizona State University with a BS in Visual Communication Design. She is a cellist, dancer, and loves to cook with her extensive apron collection.

My mom and I always had a great time shopping together. She taught me how to look great by mixing in fabulous, yet inexpensive pieces with higher end wardrobe staples. I still keep this in mind while shopping. Getting creative with bargain finds to accompany my “show pieces” gives me great wardrobe flexibility and the ability to always experiment with new looks.

Mother's Day

Debbie Davis

I have always loved health , beauty and fitness.  Though college-educated, I married young (to my high school sweetheart Gary!).  We are married 36 years now and have two wonderful “children”-Gabriel  35,and Sunny, 28.  As a young mother who believed in being at home to raise the kids, I worked part-time as a fitness instructor in the “aerobics era”-a fun and exciting profession and kept me in shape!  I was asked to represent my health club as their model.  I pursued modeling and was lucky enough to become a Ford model here in Az.. in the commercial print division for 11 years.  I started my own business, Sleekskin Aesthetics, seven years ago.  Passionate about education, I strive to provide the most current and effective services.  My focus is on skin health and anti-aging.  My work is highly customized, with exclusive and personalized attention.  I offer the full range of aesthetic services-facials, peels , waxing, brow/lash tinting,make-up and product sales, and other modalities like LED light therapy for ant-aging and healing and microcurrent for facial firming.  There are many options and price ranges available to meet your needs.  Just call me at 480-315-1364 to book your complimentary skin consultation!

Great Tip for all skin types!

I think that one of the things I hear most often is that people get too tired at night to actually take care of their skin.  So my best advice is to not wait until you are too sleepy-when you are in “cleaning mode” earlier in the evening-washing the dishes, bathing the kids, etc., that is when you should just go in and cleanse your skin and put on your favorite products.  It takes only a few moments, but the impact on your skin makes ALL the difference!  Then, go ahead and put your feet up and watch that show or read that book-if you then get sleepy, you can go to bed with no guilt and wake up with better skin!

Mother's Day

More Tips on Skin Care:

As you can see , we live in an exciting era for skin care and maintenance.  No discussion of skin care would be complete without mentioning the importance of diet and hydration.  We all know the connection here, our bodies speak to us all the time.  When our skin “breaks out”-what is it trying to do?  Eliminate toxins or tell us that our hormones may be out of balance.  If our skin looks wrinkled and crepey?  We need to hydrate-the cells are shriveled up and screaming for moisture!  You get the picture, but again it can be difficult to home in on what you and your diet are needing to get back in balance.  I have added a certification in Holistic Nutrition to my practice to help people achieve what I call “Radiant Skin from Within”.  This is a 3 &1/2 hour anti-aging/ nutritional coaching  package totally customized to the concerns and goals of the client.  
Just a couple of fun acronyms to help you make better choices;
  1. Eat less crap-C-carbonated drinks,
  2. R-refined sugars,
  3. A-artificial sweeteners and colors,
  4. P-processed foods.  
  5. Eat more food; F-fruits & vegetables,
  6. O-organic lean protein,
  7. O-omega 3 fatty acids, D-drink water.

A great new book I recommend is Eat Pretty (Nutrition for Beauty inside and out) by Jolene Hart!
Since summer is coming soon and we live in Az., hydration is key. Ms. Hart and I recommend doing this with anti-inflammatory and cooling foods like cucumbers, watermelon, zucchini, and coconut water.  Sipping chilled herbal teas like hibiscus and mint throughout the day is terrific. I find a great ready made brand called REBBL True Tonics at Whole foods.  Also drinking fresh lemon water is a great liver/kidney purifier-so healing for skin and digestion!

Great  fresh juice recipe for your skin:
Here’s a  fresh juice you can make at home in a blender:  Purple Cow; 1/3 head of red cabbage cut into wedges,2 kale leaves. 1 red bell pepper,2 red apples-(wedges).  Juice all in the blender and enjoy the Most skin- friendly drink (great for acne too).

Home Made facials:

I also would love to share a couple of facial masks that you can whip up at home ( in between facials 🙂  )

  • This one is for dehydrated/dry skin; Mix some plain greek yogurt with honey, and mashed up strawberries leave on for 10 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth. You may add in lemon juice if your skin is acne prone (skip the honey).
  • Virgin coconut oil is wonderful for aging  skin-apply a light layer after cleansing.   Another homemade face mask is to mash some avocado with honey and leave on 10 minutes-soothes, hydrates and feeds the face!
  • One last one to try if you have  break-outs-mix some oatmeal with lemon juice and spread on the face for 10 minutes-all removal may be done with a warm washcloth.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!  I wish you Happy Skin!

Debbie Davis, Licensed Aesthetician, Certified Holistic Nutritionist
“Remember, How old you are is your business, how old you LOOK is mine!” Call me today! Yours in Beauty, Debbie Davis at Sleekskin Aesthetics 480-315-1364