Primrose - 100%pure
Primrose -100%pure
Primrose - 100%pure
Primrose - 100%pure

Vegan Beauty

I am slowly switching my makeup products to cruelty free, vegan and 100%natural. I have bee following a very clean diet for last two years but when it comes to make up it is still all toxic and full of fillers.
I have been researching a lot on conventional makeup and reading a lot on what goes on our skin and how it impacts our health. I found some great products online. I tested it first to make sure before I post any articles. I will highly suggest 100%pure  brand which offers a great line of lipsticks. I am wearing Primrose shade from there fruit pigmented lipsticks. It can be bit pricey but it is totally worth what you are ingesting.
My Outfit:
Top: ZARA // Skirt:ZARA // Belt: FreePeople // Handbag: COACH // Shoes: CLARKSUSA //Bangles: Custom made from India100%pure

Photo Credit: 100%pure website – Truly 100% Pure – no synthetic chemicals, synthetic dyes, chemical preservatives or any other toxins.