Harpreet Maan
Harpreet Maan‘ a fusion line –in essence taking the richness of Indian fabrics and creating elegant yet wearable looks for today’s modern aesthetic. Elegance style at ease!

Photo Credit: Beautiful Katrina Fox featuring a skirt from my collection. See a complete look on her blog.
I launched my blog with a goal to eventually venture into fashion designing world with my new line “Harpreet Maan.”
I have been working on my latest project and now it is coming to life.
Fashion community has been very kind and I have supported me a lot by featuring my outfits and really appreciated this fusion line.

Katrina Fox wearing a pants as swim cover up from Collection. Head to her blog to see a complete look.

Finally, sharing some pieces from latest collection featuring Capes, the idea of these capes are to add a flare of chic on your LBD or a jumpsuit and you are evening ready!

“I am presenting my Designs as a “Rise Designer” at Brave Wings Fashion Show!! This is my first fashion show. Brave Wings Organization is a premium fashion show that sets the right platform for designers while giving back to the community. Last year’s event attracted an audience of over 400 people. Join me in helping the Arizona Apparel Foundation (AAF) a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping fashion design brands navigate obstacles to success by providing the resources they need to start, grow, and thrive by attending the show! The Brave Wings Fashion Show will be held on Saturday, July 29th, 2017 at the newly renovated FABRIC building located at 132 E. Sixth Street Tempe, Arizona 85213!,”

My designs embraces all aspects of femininity, sophistication and elegant ease. The spirit of the Harpreet Maan brand echoes my personal style – my worldly travels and passion for traditional sensibilities has played an integral role in shaping of my design style and aesthetic into what it is today. My collections speak to the modern woman: a style icon that embodies effortlessly chic sensibilities in her everyday lifestyle. Opulent dresses and versatile pieces serve as the perfect canvas for richly decorated laces, romantic silks, and striking textiles.Colors often spoke to me and my hands would create textures, paintings, portraits and life drawings. For me, fashion is a compilation of all these forms of expression. I find inspiration in art, nature, culture, food, people and music. I am a web designer by day, but I live and breathe fashion every moment of my life.

The best part of fashion is, I could wear my art and express myself through my designs!
You can reach to me at Hautemaan@gmail.com to set an appointment. I help you style for your upcoming event, take custom orders whatever crazy ideas you have, I can take of you!