I love, love, love these shoes!!! Yes, that much love for these shoes for many reasons. The post focuses on choosing shoes that are both cute and comfortable!
I wanted to wear heels, but I can’t because I have issues with my left foot. I refuse to wear chunky shoes, so what are my shoe options? #firstworldproblems.
Usually they run about $180.00 but I was able to find them on website for a good bargain price $57.00.
I did lot of research and (thanks to my podiatrist) figured out that I need better arch support…NAOT shoes was one of the shoes brand which offer comfortable and cute shoes!
NAOT shoes in an oxford style which go great with jeans, dresses and skirts! They are comfortable and stylish, and although a bit expensive, they are worth every penny. The SHOE MILL in Tempe has a vast selection of NAOT shoes, so you can try them out and see what works for you.

Cute Oxford Shoes

Cute Oxford Shoes

Cute Oxford Shoes

Another option is to put orthotics in your shoes for additional arch support. I found some from the Walking Company store that helps relieve the pressure on my feet. Believe me, I am using them and they work!
I am slowly investing in good shoes and have to cut down on my handbag shopping but it is totally worth it.
My discoveries on expensive shoes, if you can wait for a season and buy them on websites which offer these brands for lot less prices. It is totally worth it:

  1. – on sale at Amazon for $57