Boho Chic Trend

“Fashion gives you the ability to express yourself, your mood, in color, design & creativity. This year’s the mood is manifesting “Boho-Chic”. Guys the Bohemian trend is really big this year and I really wanted to use this platform of PHX Fashion week  to share with you the wonders of Globalization. The old adage, it’s a small world can never be more true. You can actually have a custom outfit shipped from India at a very affordable price tag!!!
I had this clear vision for my outfit for  – Spring event and knew my look will mirror this year’s BOHO TREND sporting a bright/floral color palette. I was surfing and came across this dress from Anthroplogie, it didn’t have same color palette alas! I turned to my designer friend in India, Sonia Singh with this vision at hand. She totally translated my color palette and added her touch to make it more red carpet worthy Dress!
Boho Trend
Inspiration: Anthroplogie

Boho Chic Trend
Stylist: Jenesis Laforcarde – BOHO Trend Show Sponsored by Custom Kreations Boutique
Spring into Style
I loved this particular outfit, It is very wearable with shorts. This outfit is my new inspiration…stay tuned.
Stylists (L-R) Jenesis Laforcarde, Vanessa Gonzales, Audree Lopez
Models: Nazila Couture
Spring into Style
At Login Lounge set by Phoenix Fashion Week for all Bloggers. They really treat bloggers well. This is my second event with Phoenix Fashion week and I feel it is great platform for all upcoming Bloggers, Designers, Stylist in AZ area.
My Outfit: Custom made by Sonia Singh
If you have an Idea and want to get a customized look, let me know and I can help you get an outfit at a very affordable price tag.