Many you have asked me about my makeup routine and what brands I have been using. I am sharing a low down of my most essential products. I have created this 5 minute face routine for you guys who are running against the clock and trying to get to work on time. It looks like lot of steps but once you get hang of it it does not take more than 5 minutes to finish this look.
I relate my makeup to my painting background. For me, creating highlight,contour and adding colour is like painting a face. You can achieve this  look by finding the right color of foundation and colors for face. All these products have been tested and tried and are highly suggested by most makeup artists.
I prepped my face with a very rich under eye cream and moisturizer. One of the makeup artist told me that  ethnic skin tones have dry and purplish under dark circles and  little bit of color variation by upper lip area. So starting with a good moisturizer is like having a good primer for your face, which also help make look natural.
Make sure to scrub your lips, we live in AZ and lips gets very dry and chapped.
The next thing is to correct and conceal the darkness under eyes, and I also use my corrector on my laugh lines to lighten them so they are not as highlighted on my face. For medium skin tones peach shades are best for correcting any skin variations.
NC 42 Foundation
You need a yellow undertone foundation. Picking the right color of foundation is a key to looking natural. When you are buying foundation, make sure to first get a sample because foundation oxidizes and changes color on you after 2-3 minutes of application.
Setting Powder
The next step is set your makeup with a translucent powder. It gives your face a matte finish and sets your foundation and concealer.
Now we have a blank canvas to start adding color. I fill my brows as it adds definition and balance to my face.
Line your eyes: I have so many different ways to line my eyes, depending how much time I have in the morning. To keep it simple I mostly use pencil but  if I am feeling like it is a winged eyeliner kind of a  day, then I need a brush which can take at least a minute to apply.
NC 42 Makeup Routine
My favorite makeup trick is blush, blush can do so much to lift your mood and can brighten your face. We live in AZ and cream blush can give you that dewy look.
The next is to highlight your cheek bones.
Get The Look

Finish your look with mascara and lip shine.

All products I have used for this tutorial.
1.Bobbi Brown: Extra repair balm spf25, Extra repair eye cream
Fresh: Sugar lip polish
face base
1. Bobbi Brown corrector in Dark Peach Shade, Concealer: Honey, Retouching powder: Peach 4, Brows: Mahogony
2. Makeup for Ever: N153, or you can use MAC 40 or 42
1. Bobbi Brown Blush: Calypso Coral
2. Houglass: Ambient powder
3. MAC: Eye shadow base: Indianwood
4. Buxom: Lip Cream: Mudslide
5. Inglot: Slim Shine: 42
6. Bobbi Brown: Eye Pencil
7. Mascara: Dior Show

If you are looking for better budget options this site has a dupe list.