Ready for change – Leanne Almog

Looking Chic and Confident after makeover

Leanne Almog is ready for change!

Leanne Almog is ready for a change! Leanne is in her third year of college and stepping out into the real world with a more grown up look. We photographed her in late August before school starts.

The idea of this makeover was to show Leanne how she can look and feel so chic and confident, no matter where the day takes her.
Lianne and me shopped own closets, and found skinny jeans and a camisole that was a foundation beginning of this makeover look.
Makeup played a vital role in this look, and it enhances her beauty. I showed her some tricks and tips as how to highlight her best features like cheek bones and eyes.
For her hair, I used a sock and created a sock bun.

Inspiration: Wendy’s Look Book Fashion Blog. Check out her YouTube Video on sock bun here.

I am posting pictures before makeover to give an idea how by adding few new accessories and makeup can enhance your looks, and confidence.

Jeans : Love Culture
Scarf: AKA Chunni/Dupatta from India
Bag : Coach
Accessories : Courtesy by Hmaan

Make Up
Eyes : Urban Decay Naked I Palette – Sin, Virgin and Hustle(eye liner)
Cheekes : Pop of color with MAC Fleur Powder, Contour with MAC Blush Baby, Highlight with Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick in Rose
Lips : Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Naked Plum

In her own words:
My third year in college was about to begin, so in honor of the new school year, I’ve decided it was time for a change. Now, although I try to encourage everyone to be their own person-which includes to dress as they please- with that in mind, I also believe that the outfit can tell a lot about a person; either who they are or who they strive to be. As I enter my third year of college, career-bound and full of motivation, I would like to give myself a more mature and sophisticated look.  I had the right clothes, yes, but my sense of style lacks the ability to use them the right way. For someone such as myself, creating an outfit is a challenge in itself: matching the right top to the right pants and shoes were beyond me. Adding accessories to the ensemble is a whole other story.

So I asked help from my family friend Seema, who has went above and beyond the call of duty as she took me under her wing and gave me free lessons on style 101. And if there’s anything I will never forget, it’s this: accessories make the outfit, and all else follows. By the end, I was provided with the basic tools of how to create the new look- the new me- and I must say, I am very happy with the results.
Thank you Hmaan

Leanne Almog